Allison Cross

Billy Goat Strut Review playing at Seven Sense Festival

Allison Cross is a musician in the Louisville music scene. She is a trombonist and a DJ. Cross is also a music therapist in the Louisville area, using general music therapy and neurologic music therapy techniques. She is currently trying to "rebrand" herself into not only being a musician and therapist but also a business-owner and innovator in the Louisville music scene.

Cross - Middle School Band Photo

Allison playing the trombone in her middle school band

Born and raised in Murray, Kentucky, Cross was introduced to music as a child when her parents got her piano lessons. She went on to play the trombone in school bands. In 2003, Allison moved to Louisville, Kentucky to study music therapy at the School of Music at the University of Louisville. In 2008, she played in the University of Louisville Jazz Band.

Music Career

Billy Goat Strut Revue NYE Poster

Poster for a Billy Goat Strut Revue Show

A major contributor to the Louisville music scene, Cross has played in big band and small ensemble settings. She is a founding member of Your Friendly Neighborhood Big Band (2011) and Billy Goat Strut Revue (2012). She also collaborates with local musicians and artists on volunteer and paid projects.

Allison speaking on the formation of Your Friendly Neighborhood Big Band and Billy Goat Strut Revue

Cross also has a very promising career as a DJ. She was nominated in the category of Female DJ in the Kentucky Urban Entertainment Awards in 2018 and curates audio experiences in many diverse setting.

Cross speaking about her transition from playing in Jazz bands to becoming a DJ.

Music Therapy Career

In addition to a thriving music career, Allison also works as a successful music therapist. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in 2010, she received training in using Neurologic Music Therapy techniques. For six years, she worked at Keys for Success where she helped children, teens and adults who have emotional and/or developmental needs. She is also involved with various music related projects throughout the area.

In 2014, Allison helped to co-launch the Academy of Music Production Education and Development (AMPED), a music program for school-aged students that provides free music education, business, performance and production opportunities to local youth in Louisville.

Currently, Allison is the current owner of Restorative Sound, LLC, a music therapy company serving Louisville Metro and surrounding counties.

A statement of appreciation from Allison Cross

to Paul "Arte Chambers" Robey ...

my partner and friend. Thank you for giving me a home, sharing your supplies and nurturing my ideas. Thanks for helping me load gear, find equipment and other materials to expand our art. Thanks for making flyers, logos, promoting my events, and for bringing other amazing artists around. Thanks for sharing your art skill as I find a balance to my own creative flow.

to my music therapy friends, students and colleagues..

thank you for your support as I grow my practice and business. Thank you for providing me emotional support as I go through different phases in life. Thank you for the awesome memories and joy that I have found in making music !

to my parents and family....

Thank you for supporting me financially and emotionally over the years! For always supporting whatever I wanted to do, and for spoiling me with laughter and affection!

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Billy Goat Strut Revue at Kentuckiana Pride